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Christmas in Coronado vs. Christmas in New York City

The Christmas season looked a little different this year, literally. I was running in a t-shirt and shorts passing blow-up snowmen and lit palm trees opposed to bundling up and rushing into the New York Sports Club lobby with life size nutcrackers. I loved it. People say San Diego has the best weather in the US, they’re not wrong.

Christmas in Coronado was magical. The Hotel Del Coronado goes all out. Every inch of real-estate is used for Christmas lights and decorations. There are even igloos on the beach and a skating rink for guests! When Matt and I rode over, we passed a live big screen beach set up playing National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - my favorite Christmas movie. There were beach chairs with blankets and firepits and wine and cocktails paired with popcorn on the beach. It was heavenly.

On the contrary, New York City was frigid! The City was packed and everyone wanted to get a taste of what Christmas in New York really is like. Every year, my family drives 50 minutes into Manhattan to see a play, do a little shopping, and head to Smith and Wollensky for some steak. It’s a Christmas tradition we look forward to every year. Our party keeps getting larger and the day keeps getting better. Although it’s busy, all visitors need to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree, the famous Bergdorf windows, and maybe stop by Central Park to see the horses. Christmas in New York

is unparalleled - it’s madness in the absolute best way.

- Riley



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